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From the dense jungles of the Amazon rain forests to jagged mountains to beautiful coastlines, Brazil encompasses a vast expanse of natural beauty and is home to more than 170 million people. The Amazon River cuts across the country from west to east and the world-famous Brazilian jungles cover nearly all of the northwest and west of the country.

CapeTown, S. Africa

Iguazu Falls Brazil

Amazon Rain Forest Brazil
At 4 a.m., birds started singing outside my window. I'm overwhelmed by the tremendous sense of belonging I feel in the Amazon. Perhaps this is where I will spend the rest of my life. Over the last 25 years, I have traveled Latin America from Monterrey, Mexico, to Punta Arenas, Chile, but no place is quite like the Amazon. The wildlife, rain forest, rivers and incredible sunsets draw me back. Every day is an adventure. One day, a pregnant sloth dangled from the berry tree off my terrace to watch me eat breakfast.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil
The city that inspired countless elevator-music classics has a lot to live up to (and some may say a lot to answer for). Romance, passion, sensuality - and above all rhythm - have become synonymous with the name Rio. The sexy samba, the mellow bossa nova, the Italian-flavored tropicalismo and, more recently, the lambada have all taken their first tentative strides in this vibrant, multi-faceted metropolis.

Sao Paulo Brazil
Having high-rise buildings of modern architecture, São Paulo is similar to New York in its physical aspect, although larger in size. São Paulo has cultural and scientific centers of major importance besides having medical resources comparable to the most modern and sophisticated in the world. Urban viaducts and avenues in the city of São Paulo are precious works of art of Brazilian engineering, including the railway and airway systems that serves the integration of all of Brazil.

The Brazilian state of Bahia Salvador
The Brazilian state of Bahia is a beautiful, exotic destination, and none of its towns reflect its beauty better than Salvador. With its miles of sandy beaches and warm, clear waters, Salvador is a tropical paradise. The beaches of Salvador are populated with coconut groves and beach huts. The huts serve seafood, drinks and beer to those relaxing on the sand. The waters just off the beach are filled with coral reefs and sunken ships. These underwater attractions, along with the clear water, make Salvador a favorite destination for divers.


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South America Brazil Amazon Rainforest Iguacu Falls Bahia Salvador Sao Paulo Rio de Janeiro Movies