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Most popular places to go -Aruba beaches and resorts
With an array of diversions, from gorgeous beaches to glitzy casinos, Aruba is a great place to leave your troubles behind. The weather is always warm and the people always welcoming. When it comes to R&R, Aruba has a little something for everyone: upscale shopping, championship golf, culinary delights, windsurfing—you name it. The beaches and resorts lure tourists to Aruba, but visitors should also head inland to enjoy the island's beautiful desert countryside and wild windward coast. Aruba only gained its independence from the Netherlands in 1986, so while you will definitely feel some Dutch influences, you will also be witnessing the growth of this new, independent nation.
Most Popular Travel Vacations of the World!
The Bahamas, some 700 islands and 2,000 islets, lie scattered like a broken string of pearls across the northern Caribbean and offer literally thousands of opportunities for adventure. Freeport, on Grand Bahama Island, is the second largest city in the islands. With a steadily growing population, now more than 50,000, Freeport, which adjoins the Lucaya Beach area, is a more modern city than Nassau. Grand Bahama, through the efforts of dedicated individuals and institutions such as the Rand Memorial Nature Center and the Lucayan National Park, has become something of an environmental headquarters for the islands. With its miles of sandy beaches, excellent shopping, two casinos, a dozen or so large hotels, its waterfront district and many restaurants, Grand Bahama is quickly becoming a major vacation destination.
Most Popular Travel Vacations of the World
Montego Bay, Jamaica
Although Jamaica continues to be plagued by tourist hassling, Montego Bay remains a beautiful destination. As the birthplace of Jamaican tourism, the city focuses on the tourism industry with luxurious resorts—many of them all-inclusive—and a beach resort atmosphere. Rolling hills meet the aquamarine waters of Montego Bay in the island's second largest community. As home of the main north coast airport, the city bustles with activity, although it offers numerous private and public beaches with a pace that ranges from mild to wild. Although today Montego Bay is a tourist hub, it is also a genuine community with a long history and rich traditions. The city's first tourist, Christopher Columbus, dubbed it "Bay of Good Weather," and later the Spanish used the bay as a shipping point. Eventually sugar became king here, and the city was a hub for many outlying plantations in the valleys that surround the city. Today, many of the greathouses are within a 20-minute ride of the city and welcome tourists with their tales of haunted rooms and voodoo priestesses. As they have for centuries, the greathouses overlook a land marked by both wealth and poverty.
Most Popular Travel Vacations of the World
Mexico - Cozumel
If you’re a scuba diver, you have probably heard other divers talking about Cozumel in near reverential tones—and with good reason. Cozumel is a scuba diver’s paradise, truly one of the best spots in the world. Jacques Cousteau himself thought so. Besides the abundance of colorful live corals and psychedelic-patterned tropical fish, it’s the clarity of the water that makes this such an amazing spot. On a good day (which is just about every day), the visibility in these Caribbean waters is 100 to 200 feet. Yes, that’s right—200 feet. Even if you don’t dive, you’ll appreciate the water’s clarity—try snorkeling, fishing, boating, or just swimming. No wait, there’s more; the water is usually in the 80s Fahrenheit. This is the destination scuba divers dream about. Cozumel is more than just scuba diving, however. This small island, an area about 10 by 28 miles, is located off the Yucatan Peninsula on Mexico’s east coast. Besides being ringed by gorgeous white sand beaches, it also has the benefit of sharing the area’s Mayan heritage. On Cozumel there are a few smaller Mayan ruins, and day trips over to the Yucatan Peninsula’s famous ruins at Chichen Itza, Tulum, and Coba are convenient and highly worthwhile.
Most Popular Travel Vacations of the World
Niagra Falls
Not far from Toronto, you can experience the awesome power of nature as the Niagara Falls rush over the cliffs between the United States and Canada. Viewed from the brink or the bottom, it's a spectacular show you won't soon forget! There are so many ways to get up close to the wild waters of the Niagara River. Visitors can descend to the edge of the Whirlpool Rapids; view the whirlpools from above on the Niagara Spanish Aero Car; take a boat ride at the foot of the Falls on the famous Maid of the Mist; and even walk behind the Falls where its roar is at its most impressive. Another option is to take an elevator to the observation deck at the Skylon Tower for a breathtaking bird's-eye view. There are also many activities in the area. Kids of all ages enjoy Marineland of Canada, which features marine animal shows, an aquarium, a land animal farm and thrilling amusement rides including the world's largest steel roller coaster; while nature lovers won't want to miss the Niagara Parks Butterfly Conservatory, home to more than 2,000 butterflies. Gaming action awaits at the Casino Niagara, open for fun 24-hours a day, seven days a week.
Most Popular Travel Vacations of the World

Disney World-Orlando Florida
Orlando is a stunning combination of untouched ecosystem and artifice, where Disney's Animal Kingdom houses a gigantic man-made Banyan tree, and, less than an hour away, Big Tree park is home to the oldest tree in Central Florida. It is possible to start a December Florida day on the white sand shores of the Atlantic Ocean watching the sun rise from 72 degree waters into a crystal blue sky, paddle a canoe on rivers from underground springs so pure you can see box turtles walking on the bottom, have lunch at a four star restaurant before thrilling to an eight-story free-fall water ride, then drive past virtually prehistoric stands of cypress trees to reach the Gulf of Mexico, where you can watch the sun go down with a fabled green flash. Or, stay right in the heart of Orlando and do what 34 million other visitors do every year - participate in Theme Park Heaven. Whether your idea of vacation is three kids and Mickey Mouse or escaping the job and partying until 2 a.m., there are enough organized diversions to keep your days full. But there are also championship-level golf courses, world class art galleries, and a natural beauty that has been enthralling visitors since Ponce de Leon came here in 1565—reason enough for everybody to call Orlando a temporary home.
Most Popular Travel Vacations of the World
Clearwater Beach - Florida
On the west central coast of Florida sprawls a metro area that manages to combine the relaxed pace of a vacation mecca with the hustle and amenities of a major urban center. Tampa Bay is a coastal region comprising the municipalities of Tampa, St. Petersburg and Clearwater. This region is home to white-sanded beaches, a major amusement theme park, neighborhoods rich in Latin culture, and several major league sports franchises. Toss in a world-class airport, several large colleges and universities, as well as a growing work force, and it becomes obvious that Tampa Bay’s charm resides in its ability to provide something for everyone.
Most Popular Travel Vacations of the World
Crimson double-decker buses push through traffic. Tea services commence as regularly as the rain. Scathing headlines scream across Murdoch-owned tabloids. Red-faced M.P.s rant and rave in Parliament while the somber hands of Big Ben turn overhead. Bespectacled financiers in bespoke Saville Row suits hustle and bustle between the Bank of England and Lloyd’s. In their rather foolish full regalia, mute guards take two-hour shifts protecting a palace that no one has any interest in storming. The crown jewels are dutifully ensconced in the dutifully haunted Tower of London; and take a day trip to Oxford, and you will indeed strolling dons in caps and gowns. Yes, London does live up to our images of pageantry and pomp. But although it may have one foot firmly planted in the past, a vibrant youthful energy pulsates through Europe’s biggest city. This is the London where the Saatchi Gallery shocks and delights with its cutting-edge exhibitions, where the once-seedy Notting Hill is now home to a hipper-than-thou film industry, where the boutique offerings on King’s Road in Chelsea keep the smart set fashionably clothed, and where the eateries of Soho define dining chic. If you’ve been to London before--or even if you haven’t--it’s time to give this city a second look. Plan a trip that encompasses fantastic Indian food, a Bloomsbury pub crawl, evenings at alternative theaters and cinemas, and flea-market shopping. Because the farther you venture off the beaten path, the more London will reward you with its hidden treasures.
Most Popular Travel Vacations of the World

Thailand - Bangkok
The mere mention of the word conjures up either an image of the mysterious and exotic East, or a vision of a chaotic, frenzied, sprawling modern metropolis. In truth, Bangkok is both. A place of contrast and contradiction, old traditions rub shoulders with the new here, creating an intoxicating atmosphere that never fails to excite and overwhelm. Shining temples and golden Buddha images sit peacefully in the shadow of towering high-rises, both hemmed in by a never-ending stream of traffic and the inevitable pollution. At daybreak, monks wrapped in orange robes drift down sidewalks collecting alms from devoted followers. Shortly after, street vendors selling anything from noodles to knock-off Nikes replace them, and the buzz of activity created by over 10 million souls begins. Some of the world’s finest hotels and restaurants offer safe havens from the congested streets, while shopping malls overflow with designer goods at unbelievable prices. In the day, the sweet smell of incense drifts out of ancient temples. By night, the denizens of Bangkok stumble into the hundreds of bars and clubs that make up the notorious nightlife of the “Big Mango.” Bangkok’s main asset, though, is its people. Genuinely friendly, the Thais are guaranteed to make any visitor feel welcome and at ease. Bangkok has the reputation of being an urban nightmare that will assault your senses, but you will find that this is all part of the spirit of the city, a spirit that leaves you irritated and enchanted, all at the same time. It is—in a word—irresistible.
Most Popular Travel Vacations of the World
New Orleans- Louisiana
New Orleans is a happy, high-spirited city that pulses with the beat of Dixieland jazz, creole, zydico (French Rockin' Boogie), and blues. It delights visitors with its riverboats, Creole cuisine, quaint antique shops and the narrow streets of the French Quarter. While you're here, be sure to take a ride on one of the picturesque trolley cars and watch the street entertainers. Cruises are inexpensive from the banks of the Great Mississippi River.  Don't forget Mardi Gras in February!
Most Popular Travel Vacations of the World
San Francisco, California
From exciting neighborhoods rich in ethnic diversity to scenic wonders that enrich the senses and enliven the soul, San Francisco beckons to all who dream of the good life. Don't miss all the fun at famous 'Fishermans Wharf' on the bay with great blues and jazz bars or watch the street entertainers along the waterfront. Drive across the Golden Gate Bridge to Muir Woods to stop at a quaint Inn or walk the nature paths through giant redwood trees. Don't forget to see 'China Town' and the late night 'crazies' on Haight+Ashbury st. Meet people on all the trolly cars.  This is all within blocks up to a 10 mile radius.  Rent a scooter!
Most Popular Travel Vacations of the World
Las Vegas, Nevada
Las Vegas is America's only major city founded in the 20th century, and as such, possesses a singular attitude, an unusual ambience that can best be described as post-historical. Yesterday's Las Vegas gives way to tomorrow's so quickly that history is constantly being made by everyone from big-time players like Steve Wynn to small-time snowbirds winning megabucks, all cashing in on their share of the American dream. Beyond the obvious and ever-evolving distractions of The Strip and Downtown, Las Vegas has evolved dramatically since 1989, when the opening of the Mirage Resort forever altered the gambling mecca. Las Vegas has now emerged as a world-class resort that belies its dusty origins. Wolfgang Puck set up shop here in 1992, and Giorgio Armani soon followed, making Las Vegas one of America's finest dining and shopping cities. Adding to the city's allure is a natural environment unknown and undiscovered by many who visit. Within an hour of the glitz one can find alpine mountains, desert lakes, and sandstone canyons, natural playgrounds in an artificial city. So in the 21st century, Las Vegas is much more than just a gambling town; consequently, a visit there is inherently more than simply a chance to chase the rainbow. Don't worry, though. If you're looking for gambling and sexy showgirls, Las Vegas is still the right place. You just don't have to suffer through bad food and tasteless clothing to enjoy them.

7-Night Eastern or Western Caribbean Cruise-Celebrity Horizon
Most Popular Travel Vacations of the WorldMost Popular Travel Vacations of the World
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America's Best and Most Popular Beaches, 2008

  Name Location
1. Caladesi Island State Park Dunedin, Fla.
2. Hanalei Beach Kauai, Hawaii
3. Siesta Beach Sarasota, Florida
4. Coopers Beach Southampton, New York
5. Coronado Beach San Diego, California
6. Main Beach East Hampton, New York
7. Hamoa Beach Maui, Hawaii
8. Cape Hatteras Outer Banks, North Carolina
9. Cape Florida State Park Key Biscayne, Florida
10. Beachwalker Park Kiawah Island, South Carolina

Previous #1 Winners, Most Popular Best American Beach Award

(excluded from 2008 list)
Year Name Location
2007 Ocracoke Lifeguard Beach Outer Banks, North Carolina
2006 Fleming Beach Park Maui, Hawaii
2005 Fort DeSoto Park North Beach, fla.
2004 Hanauma Bay Oahu, Hawaii
2003 Kaanapali Hawaii
2002 St. Joseph Peninsula State Park Florida
2001 Poipu Beach Park Hawaii
2000 Mauna Kea Beach Hawaii
1999 Wailea Beach Hawaii
1998 Kailua Beach Park Hawaii
1997 Hulopoe Hawaii
1996 Lanikai Beach Hawaii
1995 St. Andrews SRA Florida
1994 Grayton Beach SRA Florida
1993 Hapuna Hawaii
1992 Bahia Honda SRA Florida
1991 Kapalua Bay Beach Hawaii
Most Popular Travel Vacations Best Beach of the World, Aruba, Bahamas, Montego Bay, Cozumel, Niagra Falls, Disney World, Florida, London Bangkok, New Orleans, Hawaii, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Nevada