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We provide the information you need about the size, depth, facts and location of seas and oceans of the world. Know before you go about the oceans, seas, trenches, basins and bays to plan your offshore tours or adventure cruises. Covering approximately 63 million square miles and containing more than half of the free water on Earth, the Pacific is by far the largest of the world’s ocean basins. All of the world’s continents could fit into the Pacific basin.
The Pacific is the oldest of the existing ocean basins. Its oldest rocks have been dated at about 200 million years. The Pacific basin is referred to as the 'Ring of Fire' due to intense earthquake and volcanic activity occurring near areas of tectonic plate subduction (where one tectonic plate is forced under another). The Atlantic basin is the second largest basin, followed by the Indian Ocean basin, the Southern Ocean, and finally the Arctic Ocean basin.

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World Ocean - the single connected salty body of water that covers the majority of Earth's surface.
Ocean - the four to seven largest named bodies of water in the World Ocean, all of which have "Ocean" in the name. See Borders of the oceans for details.
Sea has several definitions:
A marginal sea - a marginal sea is a division of an ocean, partially enclosed by islands, archipelagos, or peninsulas, adjacent to or widely open to the open ocean at the surface, and/or bounded by submarine ridges on the sea floor.
A division of an ocean, delineated by landforms, currents (e.g. Sargasso Sea), or specific latitude or longitude boundaries. This includes but is not limited to marginal seas, and this is the definition used for inclusion in this list.
The World Ocean. For example, the Law of the Sea states that all of the World Ocean is 'sea', and this is also common usage for "the sea".
Any large body of water with "Sea" in the name, including lakes.
Strait - a narrow area of water connecting two wider areas of water

There are several terms used for bulges of ocean that result from indentations of land, which overlap in definition, and which are not consistently differentiated:
Bay - generic term; though most features with "Bay" in the name are small, some are very large
Gulf - a very large bay, often a top-level division of an ocean or sea
Fjord - a long bay with steep sides, typically formed by a glacier
Bight - a bay that is typically shallower than a sound
Sound - a large, wide bay which is typically deeper than a bight, or a strait
Cove - a very small, typically sheltered bay
Many features could be considered to be more than one of these, and all of these terms are used in place names inconsistently; especially bays, gulfs, and bights, which can be very large or very small. This list includes large areas of water no matter the term used in the name.

There is no accepted technical definition of sea among oceanographers. A rather weak definition is that a sea is a subdivision of an ocean, which means that it must have oceanic basin crust on its floor. This definition, for example, accepts the Caspian Sea, which was once part of an ancient ocean, as a sea. The Introduction to Marine Biology defines a sea as a 'landlocked' body of water, adding that the term "sea" is only one of convenience, but the book is written by marine biologists, not oceanographers. The Glossary of Mapping Sciences similarly states that the boundaries between seas and other bodies of water are arbitrary. According to this definition, the Caspian would be excluded as it is legally an 'international lake'.

Top 10 World's Largest Oceans and Seas

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Maps of Largest Oceans and Seas

World's Largest Oceans and Seas
World's Largest Oceans and Seas

1. Includes Black Sea and Sea of Azov.
Name Area Avg. Depth Deepest Location
Compass for ocean Seas
sq. mi. sq. km ft. m ft. m
1. Pacific Ocean 64,000,000 165,760,000 13,215 4,028 36,198 11,033 Mariana Trench
2. Atlantic Ocean 31,815,000 82,400,000 12,880 3,926 30,246 9,219 Puerto Rico Trench
3. Indian Ocean 25,300,000 65,526,700 13,002 3,963 24,460 7,455 Sunda Trench
4. Arctic Ocean 5,440,200 14,090,000 3,953 1,205 18,456 5,625 77* 45'N. 175*W.
5. Mediterranean Sea1 1,145,100 2,965,800 4,688 1,429 15,197 4,632 Cape Matapan, Greece
6. Caribbean Sea 1,049,500 2,718,200 8,685 2,647 22,788 6,946 By Cayman Island
7. South China Sea 895,400 2,319,000 5,419 1,652 16,456 5,016 West of Luzon
8. Bering Sea 884,900 2,291,900 5,075 1,547 15,659 4,773 by Buldir Island
9. Gulf of Mexico 615,000 1,592,800 4,874 1,486 12,425 3,787 Sigsbee Deep
10. Okhotsk Sea 613,800 1,589,700 2,749 838 12,001 3,658 146*10'E. 46*50'N.
11. East China Sea 482,300 1,249,200 617 188 9,126 2,782 25*16'N. 125*E.
12. Hudson Bay 475,800 1,232,300 420 128 600 183 Near entrance
13. Japan Sea 389,100 1,007,800 4,429 1,350 12,276 3,742 Central Basin
14. Andaman Sea 308,100 797,700 2,854 870 12,392 3,777 By Car Nicobar Island
15. North Sea 222,100 575,200 308 94 2,165 660 Skagerrak
16. Red Sea 169,100 438,000 1,611 491 7,254 2,211 By Port Sudan
17. Baltic Sea 163,000 422,200 180 55 1,380 421 By Gotland
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