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Below are a few travel agency charges and fees. You'll also findvacation package tips, and suggestions for getting the best discount rates on our Website.

The contents on this page are not meant to demean, discredit, or discourage anyone from using the Companies mentioned. Quite the opposite.
All content can be found on the Websites within their 'fine print' statements as shown below.
Some content has been removed to show you only the portions of what the providermay not include with the price you are given. These prices may change at any time.
This is a service provided by andis a collection of many viewpoints.

Cheap Tickets . Com
Airfare Fees and Taxes (USD) and Offer Conditions (subject to change without notice):do not include: (i) Passenger Facility Charges from $1-$18, depending on itinerary; (ii) $3 tax per domestic flight segment (takeoff/landing); (iii) $2.50 September 11th Security Fee per enplanement (maximum $10.00); or (iv) applicable international (including Hawaii and Canada) taxes and fees up to $195, depending on destination. Fares/seats are subject to availability and are not guaranteed until confirmed. Fares quoted are "per adult" (unless otherwise indicated) / apply to U.S. point-of-sale and point-of-ticketing only. Limited time offer (void where prohibited). Lower fares may be available. Other conditions / rules / restrictions may apply; refunds / exchanges / upgrades may not be permitted (if permitted, penalties/restrictions may apply). Fares/fare rules are subject to change without notice; for fare-rule details or code-share flight information,
Shipping Fees: Certain itineraries may require paper tickets. Shipping Fee for paper tickets is $12.95.

*Additional Last Minute Trips Information: Other charges you may incur, such as hotel extra-person charges, extra-bed charges, resort fees, gratuities, hotel energy surcharges, parking fees, telephone fees, room service, movies, mini-bar, or rental car insurance, gasoline and similar incidentals, are not included in the package price.

Travelocity . Com
IMPORTANT FARE INFORMATION: *Fares shown are for one adult and are subject to additional charges, including, but not limited to, Passenger Facility Charges (ranging from $2-$18), Federal Segment Fees of $3.00 per segment (defined as a takeoff and a landing), September 11th Security Fee (maximum of $5 one way or $10 round trip), and taxes/fees associated with international itineraries up to $113. Fuel surcharges, if applicable, are included in the fares listed.
Total fare per passenger, including all charges, will always be displayed to you prior to final ticket purchase. Please note that fares are subject to restrictions, may not be available on all flights, and may change without notice.

Hotwire . Com
Flights - We'll show you the total price, including taxes and booking fees, before you purchase.
All taxes and fees are included in the Hot-FaresSM for domestic itineraries -- no unpleasant surprises later.
Hotels - We'll show you the total price, including taxes and booking fees, before you purchase.
Car Rentals - We'll show you the total price, including taxes and booking fees, before you purchase.
All car rentals include unlimited mileage.

Expedia . Com
Expedia's fee for fulfilling your request for an airline ticket match is sometimes included in the total amount indicated on the page from which you submit your request. You shall be completely responsible for all charges, fees, duties, taxes, and assessments arising out of the use of Flight Price Matcher.

Cruise Direct . Com
( port charges price included )
Many cruise companies include many charges, taxes,and somefees. The other charges once aboardare 'somewhat' voluntary for tips and gratuities to waiters, hosts, cooks, porters, and so on.

Our Suggestions
These are only a few Travel Companies available on the Internet and we have many more to choose from on our site. Our goal is to keep our customers informed about how to find the best travel price. It is NOT enough to think you have a cheaper price quote! Do a little math, research, and try combinations we provide.
In the end you may find you paid more than other quotes after you get your final billing charges.You may also find that some agencies (not ours) will use less than major airlines while you ' flap ' your way to your destination. We use quality major airlines only although we have been on a few small charter airplanes, within nearbymultiple islands, made virtually out of plywood! They float well and were actually fun.

How do we know this ?
1.) We at have used these and many other Companies to travel with ourselves.
2.) We get feedback from our customers that let us know how their trip went.
3.) We have many affiliations with Travel Agencies and have only chose a few to use on our Website.
Final Note
Compare quotes among different Agencies and add up the final fees and taxes to get the real price.
Remember that you can still get a better price even after you add on taxes and fees to your quote.
Let us know if you have any problems getting the best discount on the Internet from our Website.
We can help you.

Vacation PackageDiscount Tips
Vacation packages offer low prices by combining components, such as flights, car rentals,and hotels.
Here are some ways to keep costs down even more.
Watch for specials. The specials vary weekly, but you can often save another 10–40% on your vacation package. Much depends onprime or off prime times and dates.
Act quickly on a fare you like. Book your trip, after you have come up with similar fares, if you need to coordinate your air travel with other people or events. The airfare you want could be snatched up before you complete your transaction. Don't rush into any decisions, but realize that someone else could also have their eye on the same low airfare.
Include a Saturday night stay. Many hotels and airlines offer weekend discounts.

Weekend getaways for less. If you're going away for a short weekend trip, flights leaving on Thursday and returning on Sunday are generally less expensive than itineraries leaving on Friday and returning on Monday.

Depart on a Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, or Saturday. These days often reflect the lowest airline fares. If you're not impressed by the fares you see on the first dates you try, check a day before or after -- it could make a difference.

Time of departure. Early or ' RedEye' flights are almost always cheaper. After 12:00am - Before 6:00am
You can save a nightoff a hoteland get there at a reasonabletime the sameday.

Fly 'standby'. Flying'stand by' has it's advantages. If you flyduring a'red eye' period youwill most always get your seats.
In fact, many discounters use this choice without any problems. We have found you'll get seatingto be approximately 99.9% of the time.
Many airlines count on this for last minute travelers. They even let you swap seats if you want to sit next to each other usually.

Travel just after a major holiday. Holiday travel is always in demand, and prices often drop as the demand does. The airport is no picnic onthe holiday. They are usually hard to get anyway. If you must leave on a holiday pick a red eye flight to avoid the rush.

Check for "shoulder" seasons. Crowds are fewer, and fares lower, when you travel during off-peak times. For example, take advantage of Europe in the winter or the Caribbean in late summer.

Be willing to make a stop or connection on your flight. You canalmost alwayssave money by considering flights that stop once or twice en route.

Take advantage of rewards. Just make sure not to 'lock' yourself into 1 company every time you travel trying to collect rewards earned.

Be flexible. Check the days (or weeks, if possible) before and after your initial choice of travel dates. Sometimes a small adjustment in time can save you money.

Book more than 60 days or more before you travel? Sometimes, the further out you plan, the better the package rate. We have found that you can usually get a better discount if you wait until a few days to 2 weeks before you go. Why? Because many flights are still half empty and need to fill those seats. They usually drop the price at the last minute. (depends on quota)
Making plans too far (1 yr.)in advance can sometimes result in cancellation or trying to live your life around your vacation.

Don't book a flight or car rental atthe airport.'Walk ins' are almost always more at the airport. Makereservations before you go if possible. They usually cannot or will not tell you about their own discounts others'offer.

Consider flying to another point of departure. Example: You live in Chicago but your best discount vacation packagedeparts from Los Angeles to Hawaii. It is sometimes cheaper to flytoLos Angelesthan trying to get a better discount from Chicago to Hawaii.

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