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Cayman Island Vacation
Now a British territory, the Cayman Islands consists of three islands – Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Grand Cayman is 150 miles south of Cuba. The city of George Town on Grand Cayman is the capital for the islands and is also the largest town on the islands. Visitors can learn more about the islands’ history at the Cayman Island National Museum, also on Grand Cayman. The museum is dedicated to the preservation of Caymanian heritage. Many hearty islanders have made their living through turtling, rope making and ship building. Port of George Town is a city situated on Grand Cayman island of the Cayman Islands. It serves as the capital of the Cayman Islands in the British West Indies. As of 2007, the city had a population of 28,836, making it the second largest city (by population) of all the British Overseas Territories. George Town is the heart of the Cayman Islands financial services industry (there are close to 600 Bank and Trust companies in the Cayman Islands). The Caymanian government offices are located in the city.

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The Cayman Islands are a British overseas territory located in the Caribbean that have been under various governments since their discovery by Europeans. Christopher Columbus sighted the Cayman Islands on May 10, 1503 and named them Las Tortugas after the numerous sea turtles seen swimming in the surrounding waters. Some of the important spots to visit on your vacation: 7 Mile Beach, Pedro St James Castle, Grand Cayman Turtle Farm, Stingray City, George Town, Grand Cayman Submarine Tour.

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The first recorded English visitor to the islands was Sir Francis Drake in 1586. He subsequently named the islands "Cayman" after caiman, the Neo-Taino nations' nomenclature for "crocodile". The Cayman Ridge has formed over geologic time due to the interaction between the North American and Caribbean tectonic plates. ... The central part of each of the Caymans is formed of substantial Bluff Group Tertiary limestones and dolostones which were formed around 30 million years ago in the Oligocene-Miocene period.

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The Cayman Islands fall under the 2007 Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative, which means you'll need a valid passport to visit the islands no matter what mode of travel you use to get there. All American air travelers must hold a valid passport book, and a passport card is sufficient if you travel by sea. In 2016 the Cayman Islands had an estimated population of about 60,765, representing a mix of more than 100 nationalities. Out of that number, about half are of Caymanian descent. About 60% of the population is of mixed race (mostly mixed African-Caucasian).

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