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Adventure Land Travel takes you to Egypt, China, Orient, Mid-East, and Russia. Look at foriegn tv, radio and newspapers. Learn about the sphinx, the great wall, Egyptian world of pharaoh, cultures, and the great pyramid. You'll find cams, videos, movies, panoramas, overseas adventures of the world, international and foriegn travel to south america. Discover islands, directory to india, the mid-east, continents, king tut, hindu, bhuda, islam, natives.

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Great Sphinx remote control Panorama
You can "walk" around the Sphinx from its left side to its right, watch the sunrise first
 strike the top of the Khafre Pyramid in the background, then light up the Sphinx itself.
To get a sense of the sheer size of the sculpture, keep an eye out, too, for the
man standing below it. The so-called "dream stela" of Tuthmosis IV, which
the pharaoh placed between the Sphinx's paws about 1400 B.C.
Go to the Sphinx now
Half human, half lion,
the Sphinx is 240 feet long
and 66 feet high. Badly eroded, it
 has undergone numerous restorations
over the millennia, beginning with one conducted
about 1400 B.C. by the pharaoh Tuthmosis IV, who
dreamt that the Sphinx asked him to clear the sand around
it in return for the crown of Upper and Lower Egypt. The Sphinx
_______has recently undergone a major modern restoration_______
Mysteries of the Nile
Pyramids - The Inside Story
Explore Ancient Egypt
Raising the Obelisk

Walk inside the great pyramid 
Remote Control Panorama

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Egypt Sphinx China Russia India World Cultures Live Radio TV Panoramas