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We provide adventures by subway trains with maps and information. Learn how to get around the subways, and metro trains with the transportation resources below. Our thanks go out to and Robert Reynolds for providing a public collection of subway maps and their contributors information for subway transit maps, world subways directions, metro information, and metro trains.

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Subway Listings By Cities

The filled squares are stations in use, the partly filled squares are inoperative stations.

You really have to compare this map to a normal map of Antwerp for better insight of the locations (Stations 'Groenplaats' and 'Meir' are located in the very heart of the city, while 'Diamant' is closest to the railway station).

Unfinished station -> Location (street name):

Carnot -> Carnotstraat
St.-Willibrordus -> Kerkstraat
Stuivenberg -> Pothoekstraat
Drink -> Turnhoutse baan
Zegel -> Turnhoutse baan
Foorplein -> Turnhoutse baan
Collegelaan -> Stenen brug
Morckhoven -> Stenen brug / Herentalse baan

Owner: Bursa Büyüksehir Belediyesi (Bursa Metropolitan Municipality); archival including details below:
Name: BursaRay
Total length planned: 55 km (will be completed in 4 phases)
Length of first phase: 20.6 km (Metro GrossMarket-Acemler branch: 5.6 km; Emek- East terminus: 15 km)
Underground: 3.7 km, the rest on the surface.
Number of stations: 23 (3 underground)
Construction for the first phase will be completed in a period of 900 days
Cost: 457.501.979 DM+35.000.000 USD (1st phase)
Construction consortium: Siemens, Güris, Tüvasas, Simko

Extension of Metro A; thanks to Erik Nelson
Extension to Metro B; thanks to Erik Nelson
Information about Line C, the "first urban rack railway".

MetroSur opened officially on April 11, 2003. The extension of Line 10 together wth the MetroSur loop provides 55 kilometers of additional tunnels. Counting "correspondence" stations doubly (a reasonable reflection of complexity and labor; these provide transfer to Cercanías [local trains] or to Line 10), there are 36 elegant new stations equipped with elevators, escalators, and a variety of safety features. Although the trains for MetroSur are initially three cars long, the station platforms are six cars long to allow for the inevitable increase in ridership.

The 1999-2003 extensions in addition to those described can be seen easily through the "Extensions map" link just above.

Modifications 2003-2007 Planned expansion of the metro, light metro, and cercanías and planned improvements for exisiting metro lines; thanks to Manuel Melis.

San Diego (including the underground Green Line station described by the official Metropolitan Transit System; thanks to Craig K. Jackson)

We are linking to this source of public information for the sole purpose of education and public service.
Source: Robert Reynolds "The Subway Page". Visit ( The Subway Page ) for more information.
Adventure Land Travel is not responsible for the reliability of maps or information contained within.
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