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About us:

Who are we?
We at Adventure Land Travel are Discounters + Consolidators + Brokers We are not Travel Agents.

What do we do?
Adventure Land Travel searches for the most reliable Travel Agents so you don't have to waist your time searching.
We have hundreds of travel associates that we let you choose from. We have tested many ourselves and have chosen only a select few with the best discounts available. We also list many of the world's largest travel agencies you may familiar with.

What are consolidators - discounters - brokers?
They provide discount airline tickets, hotels, cruises purchased by "agent wholesalers"
and then resold to travel agencies at substantial discounts (up to 70% off regular fares).

Not all consolidators are the same. The BEST consolidators have direct contracts with the airlines, hotels, and cruise companies. Many CONSOLIDATORS on Adventure Land Travel have DIRECT CONTRACTS with their agencies.

We consolidate and advertise these agencies on our Website through our contract agreement with them.
Adventure Land Travel has access to hundreds of agencies and we bring only the best to you.

Why use our travel service?
  1. Our site offers many known and unknown Discount Travel Agencies to choose from.
  2. We let you choose from hundreds of discount travel agents.
  3. We provide over 100,000 discounted vacations and packages.
  4. You will find many tools for travel such as; free currency convertors, distance calculators, maps, information, etc.
  5. You get the same luxury vacations others pay way too much for.
  6. We have many international travel agents at the location you are traveling to.
  7. Our agencies can buy large amounts of flight seats, rental cars, cruises, and lodging at a lower cost to you.
  8.  Adventure Land Travel is always searching for better affiliates constantly and update our specials daily.
  9. Our site is loaded with free travel photos, movies, live web cams, and destinations to view from your computer.
  10. We believe you will not find less expensive ways to travel with the quality and service we can provide!

( Tips )
Many agents quote prices that appear more expensive than others but include taxes and fees in their price shown.
Some agencies 'seem' to give you a cheaper price and then hit you with the extras later. Always check the final price before you sign up with them.
Taxes, Fees, and Conditions that apply can vary for different destinations and many other reasons.
Making reservations online has many advantages and is safe and quick.  Many companies give discounts for booking online.
It's a good idea to check our reservations pages before you book through your favorite neighborhood travel agent.
They will tell you they have access to everything others have which may be true. 
They are usually limited to or prefer to work with the travel agents that have the best commissions.
They will say it doesn't matter because they get paid a specified commission from the agency they work at.
Even though this is true their owner does have preferred travel companies that pay more per booking.  They may start there first.
We are not trying to discourage you from using the travel agency you're used to. We do want you to save money spent needlessly by trusting one company or because of convienience.
Thank you,
Leo Alexos
Manistee National Forest,
Toll Free # 1 - 877-225-5928
Fax # 1 - 775-254-8027

Advertise With Us
Up to 80% of Adventure Land Travel visitors are planning a trip and/or making
a travel-related purchase while at , making the
site the ideal place to promote travel-related products and deliver contextually
targeted messages.
Our online Website receives over 10,000 hits per day which would show your ad
impressions to apprx. 50% of our visitors.
If you are interested in advertising on Adventure Land Travel, or in other business
development opportunities with our site, including site sponsorships, newsletter
sponsorships, new technologies, licensing our travel content, or affiliate
relationships, please send an email to us. Please include your name, email
address and a detailed description of what your company does and how you
would like to work with us.
We will contact you after reviewing your offer within 48 Hrs. 
You can request our advertising price list with your information.
Our rates are considered by our advertisers to be one of the most inexpensive
ways to advertise your site and products.

Start advertising now for as low as $.25 per day.
NOTE: Please check with us for rates on full page ads and banners.
You will get a free site tracker to track all clicks
from our site to monitor your progress.

Other ways to advertise on Adventure Land Travel

Do you have - hotel rooms, resorts, villas, or rental properties?
  1. Trade 1,2,3, or 4 week rentals for advertising on Adventure Land Travel.
  2. Trade your rental property, for members of our staff to visit.
  3. You will also get a free personal written review of your properties.
  4. We also use photos and videos at your request. Free!
  5. We also accept time share ownership weeks.
  6. This editorial rating (by request) will be placed in our 'featured properties' listings giving you even more exposure!
Do you offer flights, airline tickets, or charters?
  1. Trade flights or charters for advertising on this site.
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Do you offer restaurants, dining, or lounges
  1. Trade restaurant or lounge discount coupons, surveys, or other deals for advertising on this site.
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  4. We also use photos and videos at your request. Free!
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The Official Site of Adventure Land Travel
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Read the fine print that travel agencies don't always make obvious.
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Rules Of The Air
Do I have to use the second portion of my round-trip ticket?

You see a fare sale for a round-trip fare from Boston to Los Angeles. But you only need a one-way ticket, which would cost you twice as much. Can you just use one portion of your ticket?
The answer, in most cases, is no. Most airlines have policies prohibiting just such a 'misuse' of tickets. Another common plot is one in which a passenger will purchase a less expensive ticket to a destination which has a layover in the city to which they actually wish to go. So they buy the ticket, and simply don't use the second portion. This, too, is against the rules on most airlines. Check the Contract of Carriage for more details on your airline's policy.
What are some policies regarding overselling of flights?

Airlines often intentionally overbook flights, to guarantee revenue even when a passenger does not show up to claim his purchased seat. When a flight is overbooked, your airline must always ask for volunteers to give up their seats first. These volunteers often receive upgrades, free tickets, or monetary compensation. If you are denied boarding,
the airline will provide you a seat on a later flight on which space is available, at no additional cost to you.
You may be entitled to additional compensation if your alternate flight does not arrive within 2 hours of your original flight. Check the airline's Contract of Carriage for its policy.
What if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

Depending on the reason for the delay, you may be entitled to compensation, including a refund of the unused portion of your ticket, or accommodations at a local hotel. Every airline's policy is different; read the Contract of Carriage to find your airline's specific rules.
How can I file a complaint or make a comment about an airline?

If you are unable to satisfactorily resolve an issue by going through the chain of command at the airport, a formal letter may be in order. When writing such a letter, there are a few tips to keep in mind:
Aviation Consumer Protection Division
U.S. Department of Transportation
Room 4107, C075
Washington, D.C. 20590
Phone 202-366-2220 (24 hours)
How long before my flight time must I arrive at the airport?

Check-in times vary by airline and airport. Most airlines now require passengers to be on board the aircraft 20 minutes prior to departure for domestic flights and 30 minutes to 1 hour prior to departure for international to accommodate required 'positive baggage match.' For current information, check with your airline.
What are the guidelines regarding checked baggage?

The majority of major airlines allow 2 pieces of checked baggage per passenger,
the perimeter of which must not exceed 55 inches.
Most airlines have changed their baggage limits and now allow only bags under 50 pounds to be checked. You may be permitted to bring luggage over this weight, provided there is room. You will have to pay a hefty fee for the privilege.
Remember, never check unexposed film in your checked baggage: the x-ray machines will destroy it.
Always put film in your carry-on.

How many bags can I carry-on?

The general rule is to carry-on one small bag and one personal item (purse, computer, briefcase, etc.) Each airline has different rules, so click on the link for the specific airline you are traveling on to make sure you have all the information you need.

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