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Adventure Land Travel
Newsletter: March 2006
Dear   ,
What's NEW ?
Adventure Land Travel

A New Look for: Adventure Land Travel !
After hearing from thousands of travelers, we've found that many of Adventure Land Travel's customers are looking for more descriptive content for a quicker, more relevant, travel agent search experience. With this in mind, we are sure you will find what you are looking for faster.
Travelers will be able to:
1. Find New Pages. When you view our pages you will find main categories and then sub-categories that you can choose exactly what you want. This will reduce the time it takes to view each agent.  You will only see the agents that specialize in your choice of vacation needs.
2. Get it now. We will be updating new travel promotions more frequently for last minute and monthly deals.
3. Our NEW staff: You will get better service now since we have grown larger thanks to you. Our office is located in the Manistee National Forest, Michigan. You can contact us for help or support at:
Toll Free #1-877-225-5928 or Fax #1-775-254-8027 or reply E-Mail.
[ regarding our site only ]
All other questions should be directed to the agency you made reservations with.
4. We are adding MORE FREE TOOLS for your travel needs such as:
world weather, maps, currency converters, atlas, world time clocks, time zones,
travel photos, movies, live web cams of the world, and more.
So what does this mean to you?
You get more for less plus the best luxury vacations at BIG discount prices and an unlimited supply of travel options and tools.
Why go anywhere else for all your travel needs?
For information concerning upcoming news and events, check out next month's edition of the Adventure Land Travel Newsletter.
Adventure Land Travel welcomes your feedback.
Please submit your questions, comments, or what you would like to see more of.
Contact our client services at:
Toll Free #1-877-225-5928 or Fax #1-775-254-8027 or reply E-Mail
[ regarding our site only ]
Do you have any problems viewing Adventure Land Travel?
We would like to hear from you.

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Other Agents and Deals
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Vacation packages offer low prices by combining components, such as flights, car rentals, and hotels.
Here are some ways to keep costs down even more.
Watch for specials. The specials vary weekly, but you can often save another 10.40% on your vacation package. Much depends on prime or off prime times and dates. We update our Website daily!

Include a Saturday night stay. Many hotels and airlines offer weekend discounts.

Depart on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. These days often reflect the lowest airline fares.

Time of departure. Early or ' RedEye' flights are almost always cheaper. After 12:00am - Before 6:00am
You can save a night off a hotel and get there at a reasonable time the same day.

Fly 'standby'. Flying 'stand by' has it's advantages. If you fly during a 'red eye' period you will most always get your seats. In fact, many discounters use this choice without any problems. We have found your guarantee to be approximately 99%.
Many airlines count on this for last minute travelers. They even let you swap seats if you want to sit next to each other.

Travel just after a major holiday. Holiday travel is always in demand, and prices often drop as the demand does.

Check for "shoulder" seasons. Crowds are fewer, and fares lower, when you travel during off-peak times. For example, take advantage of Europe in the winter or the Caribbean in late summer.

Be willing to make a stop or connection on your flight. You can almost always save money by considering flights that stop once or twice en route.

Take advantage of rewards. Just make sure not to 'lock' yourself into 1 company every time you travel trying to collect rewards earned.

Be flexible. Check the days (or weeks, if possible) before and after your initial choice of travel dates. Sometimes a small adjustment in time can save you money.

Book more than 60 days or more before you travel? Sometimes, the further out you plan, the better the package rate. We have found that you can usually get a better discount if you wait until a few days to 2 weeks before you go. Why? Because many flights are still half empty and need to fill those seats. They usually drop the price at the last minute. (depends on quota)
Making plans too far (1 yr.) in advance can sometimes result in cancellation or trying to live your life around your vacation.

Don't book a flight or car rental at the airport. 'Walk ins' are almost always more at the airport. Make reservations before you go if possible. They usually cannot or will not tell you about their own discounts others' offer.

Consider flying to another point of departure. Example: You live in Chicago but your best discount vacation package departs from Los Angeles to Hawaii. It is sometimes cheaper to fly to Los Angeles than trying to get a better discount from Chicago to Hawaii.
Get the latest updates when the prices change.
example: Jamaica - always near $200 round trip!
Adventure Land Travel Newsletter Discount Vacation Packages Deals
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  2. We let you choose from hundreds of discount travel agents.
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  5. You get the same luxury vacations others pay way too much for.
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Adventure Land Travel Newsletter Discount Vacation Travel Packages Deals