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Less than 10 minutes away from Tahiti by Air Moorea (every 1/2 hour, about US$ 34 one way) or less than one hour by ferry are the deep, spectacular bays and white sand beaches of Moorea.
The craggy volcanic peaks, reflected in the tranquil waters of Cook's Bay and Oponohu Bay, rise like a shark's jaw from the island's basaltic base. The lush mountain slopes are covered with rain forest or pineapple plantations, and white sand beaches border crystalline lagoons.

Upon your arrival at the ferry terminal or at the small airport you can rent a car or a scooter , or take the local public transport, the "truck" to take you to your destination.

Only 40 miles around on a well paved road along the shore, this dramatic and lush island can easily be circled by car, scooter or on bicycle for the more physically inclined.
The Belvedere Lookout is probably one of the most spectacular lookout in the world. Located between Cook's and Oponohu Bay in the lush interior of the island, the Belvedere is a must for all visitors. Picture taking is best in the morning before 10 am when the sun is behind you. Access is easy ,either form Cook's or Oponohu Bay. There is a small sign on the road.
In the village of Afareaitu there is an access road the waterfall, which may be more or less dramatic depending on the recent rainfall. Access is possible with a 4 wheel drive only, and we recommend using one of the local 4x4 excursions.
You can go on a whale and dolphin watch departing daily with marine biologist Michael Poole. Ask at you hotel desk.
The best ancient temple ( Marae) can be seen on the way up to the Belvedere. It is not a structure but flat coral slabs forming a sort of enclosure
All beaches are public, but the best one is 1/4 of a mile down a dirt road off the main road between the Sofitel Ia Ora and the airport gas station. There is no town to speak-of on Moorea, but you will find a few areas along the road with clusters of shops selling miscellaneous goods, local crafts and colorful hand printed fabrics (pareos). A few black pearl shops can be found on the island, but we recommend Island Fashion Black Pearls near Cook's Bay. It is run by Ron Hall, a friendly American expatriates who knows his stuff and offers a good selection of quality pearls at very competitive prices.

The Main Hotels: The Beachcomber is upscale and intimate in its layout, with A/C room as well as spacious bungalows sprinkled in the lush tropical garden and along the lagoon. There are 2 restaurants, 2 bars and a small spa. The Sheraton Moorea Lagoon is opened since October 15, 2000. This deluxe hotel offers 106 rooms with 56 overwater bungalows, with all the modern amenities (even a modem port). There are also 2 restaurants, 2 bars and a small spa. Usual facilities and activities are available. Upscale bungalow decor, good snorkeling.

The Sofitel Ia Ora is a larger and lush property located on a beautiful beach with a view of Tahiti. Offers a selection of garden, beach, beach-deluxe and overwater bungalow.  Needs some updating.
 The Moorea Pearl Resort opened in Oct. 2002 on the location of the old Bali Hai. Offers a variety of bungalows as well as A/C rooms. A four star resort. (see live Webcam)

There are a few "budget" hotels lagoon-side such as the Moorea Village, Les Tipaniers, Hibiscus, Kaveka offering basic but fair accommodation in small to medium size bungalows located on good beaches. There are also some excellent restaurants sprinkled in different areas of Moorea (see list below). Many will do pick-up and drop off for a small fee. Moorea's loveliest beaches are located between the Moorea Village and the Hotel Beachcomber, as well as near the Sofitel Ia Ora (between the airport and the boat terminal}. Every kind of water activities and excursions is being offered, as well as land based activities and sports (no golf, only in Tahiti). Moorea is a must, if only for a day's visit, and is even better if you can heed her special call for a longer stay.

Basic facts:
• Moorea lies 15 km northwest of Papeete.
• Population 8881 inhabitants.
• Post office, hospital, infirmary, hotels, private lodgings, car rentals, all waters sports, dolphinarium, aquarium, mountain safari, traditional weddings.
• ROTO NUl (Belvedere) is a scenic viewpoint with panoramic view of Cook's and Opunohu bays. (see QTVR panorama
• PAOPAO is an open air market and church with famous painted murals.
• PAPETOAI: old Protestant church
• Access by daily ferry service between Moorea and Papeete in 35 min to 55 min by ferry.
Regular flights and air-shuttle from Tahiti-Faaa Airport (8 min. flight).