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Free midi (.mid)music songs and wav (.wav) songshave been transformed from my own and other midi music songs on the internet. I have edited many songs in my midi music studio byaddingmultiple instruments usedto alter midi and wav sound tracks. Look within 'fileinfo'while playing the songs to view the editors information.
The problem with midi is thesongs will sound different on each computer. Midi music may sound great onsome computers but thesound tracks could sound terrible on a computer with an inexpensive sound card. Good sound cards include Realtec, Creative, and a few others. Check your computerspecs to see which sound card you have. This makes a HUGE difference whether for listening or creatingmidi music. (Sometimes the midi music songs are just porely created, period!)

We selldiscounted, high qualitysoftware, hardware, and speakersfor all your computer needs. That's how we can afford to keep this free music page alive.
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It is up to the sound card to know what a midipiano, violin and other midiinstruments sound like.
If you are using cheap speakers or the average ones that came with your computer youare really missing out on the full rich sound that midi can produce in a near .mp3 form.
Many midi tracks and instruments will not be heard or may sound like different instruments than the midi sounds originally formatted. You can download these freemidi music songs.
Wewill edit any midi music songs you have for a minimal fee of $5.00. JustE-Mail your midi song to us and we will insert the instrumentation styleper your request.We also accept qualitymidi music songs you would like to submit andpost onour music pages free after review.

We ask that you DO NOT use our server to run our songs from your site.
You can copy and transfer them into your own directory. Your ISP + IP address is always logged with us.

Please be patient while downloading..........
File sizes vary. 10kb - 150kb. Click once to get instant download.
Listings by Artist and/or Song title.

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Knack-My Sharona

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Lady In Red
Lady Madonna-Beatles
La Grange-ZZtop
Lawrance Of Arabia
Lay Down-Steel Guitar
Led Zepplin-Rain Song
Led Zepplin-Over the Hills
Led Zepplin Rock Roll
Lennon-Jelous Guy
Lennox-Dont Ask Why
Lennox Eurythmics-Here Comes Rain Again
Lennox Eurythmics-Sweet Dreams
Light-short intro
Long Cool Woman
Long Time-Boston
Louie Louie-Kingsmen
Love Machine
Love Story
Luv These Eyes
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Madonna-Like a Virgn
Mamas Papas-California Dreamin
Margaritaville-Jimmy Buffet
Marley-No Woman No Cry
Marriage of Figaro
Maxwell Siver Hammer-Beatles
My Babe
Meatloaf-Anything for Love
Mendelssohn Kinderstucke Op72No2
Mertz-An Malvina Op13No1
Mertz-Capricho Op13No3
Mertz-Fingal's Cave
Mertz-Mazurka Op11
Mertz-Pianto dell'Amante
Messia hallelujah-Handel
Michael Jackson-Billie Jean
Mid Jump-Jazz
Minnie The Moocher
Mirage In India
Mission Impossible-Theme
Miss You-Orchestra
Michael Jackson-Beat It
Montego Bay - Jamaica
Moody Blues-Nights in Satin
Moody Blues-Tuesday Afternoon
Moon Light Sonata
Moreno-Torroba Jota Levantina-Clasical Guitar
Mr.Bluesky-Electric Light Orchestra
M-Latin Samba
Mystic Orient
Nas-Lightning Sound.au
Netherlands-Amsterdams Channels
Nether-I Dont Live for You
Neth Marco Borsa to Come With Me
Neth Marco Borsa to Water
Neth Marco B Truth
Neth Marco B Why
Neth Tanden Jive
Neth Toontje Gedansk
Neth Toontje Tango
Neth Twilite Time
New Age Soft
New Nylon Guitar
New Wave Jazz
No More
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Off My Back-Blues
On the Scene-Jazz
Our House-Crosby Stills Nash
Over Drive Siam

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