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What The Houses Rule 
The 1st house
rules the life of man, the head and face of man, the
     physical body,  health, accidents,  birth, arrivals,  the present  and
     today, the condition of a vehicle one is in and new ventures.
     The  1st  house  rules  the  native, plaintiff, fellow travelers,
     newcomers, arrivals, great-grandchildren and grandparents.
     Beginnings, early environment, personality, physical body.
The 2nd house
rules the person's estate, fortune, money, moveable
     property, everything the person owns, securities, gain, investment,
     the future and tomorrow.
     The 2nd house rules ancestors, person's banker, and investors.
     Finance, freedom given by money, self-worth, talents.
The 3rd house
rules  communication, rumors,  short journeys,  exams,
     letters,  trips,  visits,  messages,  deliveries, writing, 
     schooling, gossip and reports.
     The 3rd house rules brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors, gossippers,
     visitors, teachers, deliverymen, tradesmen, court reporters, and
     postmen. Lower mind, speech, communications, short journeys, 
     brothers and sisters.
The 4th house
rules land, houses, your roots, hidden treasure, mislaid
     articles, domestic affairs, inheritances, farms, wells, mines,
     property and graves.
     The 4th  house rules the father, mother-in-law, family, farmer,
     gardener, jurymen, grave-diggers, builders, ranchers and miners.
     The home, the father, conditions at the end of life, lands, mines.
 The 5th house
rules banquets, bars, taverns, plays, community
     property, speculation, betting and pregnancy.
     The 5th house rules children, pregnant women, messengers, speculators,
     gamblers and entertainers.
     Pleasure, education, children, publications, speculation.
The 6th house
rules sickness (quality and cause), disease (long  or
     short), distress, voluntary labor, civil service work, animal
     husbandry and caretaking.
     The 6th house rules uncles and aunts from father, tenants, farmers,
     employees, inferiors, lodgers, pets, small animals, nurses, dentists,
     healers and those in civil service.
     Service, relations with employers and employees, health and sickness.
The 7th house
rules marriage, partnerships, lawsuits, war, quarrels,
     divorce,  agencies,  removals,  separation, settlements, contracts,
     agreements, open enemies and theft.
     The  7th  house rules  the other  person (unrelated),  public enemies,
     thief, spouse, partner, astrologer, doctor, agent, fugitive, the
     public, opponent, defendant, niece and nephew.
     Partnership, marriage, the public, open enemies.
The 8th house
rules the estate of the deceased, wills, legacies, dowry
     of the wife, death (quality and nature), alimony, gifts, fees,  tips,
     taxes, escrows, debts, bankruptcy, losses, injury and surgery.
     The 8th house rules the heir of the  deceased, the  Grim Reaper, pall
     bearers, coroners, undertakers, surgeons and tax collectors.
     Legacies, cause of death, occult tragedy, regeneration, taxes.
The 9th house
rules voyages, foreign countries and interests, visions,
     dreams, books, learning, absent persons, legal issues, education, long
     journeys, ceremonies, rituals, legalizing, publishing, science,
     parades, education and religion.
     The 9th house rules the clergy, religious men, in-laws, strangers,
     aliens, travelers, explorers, insurance adjusters, publishers and
     Higher mind, religion, law, long journeys, philosophy.
The 10th house
rules honor, preferment, dignity, career, profession,
     kingdoms, authority, fate, fame, notoriety, business, employment,
     credit, reputation, conviction and execution.
     The 10th house rules the mother, kings, presidents, judges, employers,
     guardians, rulers, superiors, professionals and executives.
     Profession, standing in community, the mother.
The 11th house
rules hope, trust, confidence, wishes, memberships,
     deaths in the family, unbonded relationships, liberty, legislation and
     The 11th house rules friends, advisors, club members, son and
     daughter-in-laws and legislators.
     Friends, hopes, wishes, groups.
The 12th house 
rules large animals, sorrow, tribulations,
     imprisonment, affliction, self-undoing, widowhood, grief, funerals,
     exile, seclusion, detention, bribery, subversion, the past and
     yesterday, murder, secrets, suicide and kidnapping.
     The 12th house rules uncles and aunts from the mother, witches, secret
     enemies, those on relief, widows, orphans, jailers, guards, keepers,
     assassins, kidnappers, informers, nuns, monks, recluses, clandestine
     Paying debts of destiny, limitations, institutions for care of
     unfortunates, jails, secrecy, mysticism.
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