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The Galápagos archipelago, first studied be Darwin is now a eco-tourism center. Here, you can swim with Sea Lions, snorkel with Marine Iquanas, or be berated by a booby. The six islands lie west off the coast of Ecuador, and are usually visited by boat, as there are few accomodations on land.
They became protected wildfile refuge in 1959 and today they are protected by limits on the number of tourist that visit. Ten years ago only a few thousand vistitors made the journey, but today nearly sixty thousand a year visit its strange denizens.
Movies : Galapagos Islands Adventure


The Makgadikgadi is known as a place where "only idiots go there." But the harsh landscape hides a richness of life and history of cultures past that only a few have experienced. This great salt pan is filled with thousands of pink flamingos during the rainy season where they breed and nurture their young. It is truly one of the most awesome sights on this earth. Come visit the great Makgadikgadi yourself and ride across the pans. Meet the bushmen and journey into the ancient past.

Movies : Southern Africa - The Kalahari Desert - Makgadikgadi Adventure

The Aggressor Fleet is a cast of luxury live-aboards exploring the most fascinating scuba diving destinations. Come aboard and experience care free diving the way it was meant to be and see first-hand how Aggressor lives up to its motto of "Eat, Sleep and Dive." Experience the world of Aggressor Fleet. Explore the world's most fascinating scuba diving destinations with live-aboard diving. An experienced crew will cater to your every whim, an onboard chef that will tempt you with delicious meals and your accommodations set the standard by which other live-aboards are measured.
Movies: Fascinating Scuba Diving Destinations Adventure


It has been said that Madagascar is a veritable resume of the world; indeed, in only a few hours voyage by plane or car on this "Great Red Island" (the fourth largest in the world) the visitor can travel from grassy Mexican plateaus to rockbound coasts, from the volcano of Vesuvius to the US Far West plains, from the Sahara desert to golden Polynesian beaches, or from a lush equatorial forest to the Grand Canyon of Colorado.
The great variety found on this island, no larger than Texas in size, constantly awes the visitor. Madagascar has many unusual types of fauna and flora, including the lemur, a gentle animal almost exclusively found on the island, and 1,000 varieties of orchids. It is best to visit Madagascar between April and the end of October, during the dry, cool season. Winter (June, July and August) can be quite cool, especially in the central highlands where Antananarivo is located. The warm season (late November-March) is bearable, with rains cooling the air, however this is not the best time since cyclones and monsoon rains are not uncommon. In general, the central highlands are similar in climate to Northern California, the southern part of the country is dry with desert terrain, and the coastal areas are more humid, especially in the east.
Movies : Madagascar Africa - World's 4th Largest Island Adventure

On the tiny island of Taumako in the Solomon Islands' eastern province of Temotu live some 500 Polynesians who may be the only people in the Pacific still capable of building and sailing voyaging canoes in completely traditional ways. Dwelling outside the so-called Polynesian Triangle, and away from major shipping lanes, they have few of the conveniences and distractions of twenty-first century life. Taumako has no roads, telephones, electricity or airport. News of the world outside comes over marine radio or by way of an occasional ship. Of necessity its residents live much as Oceanic peoples have for millenia, by subsistence farming and fishing. Natural materials and survival skills that Polynesians in more developed areas have lost thus remain part of most people's repertoire. Many of these materials and skills, such as those required for manufacture of plant fibre rope, are vital to building the canoes that enabled Oceanic people to settle the Pacific's remotest islands.
The Vaka Taumako ("a Canoe for Taumako") Project was started by Taumako's Paramount Chief and Navigator Koloso Kaveia to document and teach his people's voyaging skills. This means not just the crafts of construction and navigation, important as these are, but the entire ancient Oceanic way of life. In the Solomon Islands, as elsewhere in the Pacific, adoption of the worst aspects of modern urban culture, alcoholism, drug abuse, dietary deficiency, etc. has severely damaged the community's moral and physical health of town-dwellers. Yet people gravitate to towns because their villages have little to offer in the way of employment. By restoring the traditional economy, based on trading networks established by generations of canoe voyagers, Chief Koloso hopes to provide culturally-rooted, sustainable jobs that will allow young Taumako and other islanders to stay home. Movies : Solomon Islands Adventure

Discover the Cotahusai River Canon in spectacular Peru. From exciting rapids and brilliant scenery to local cultures and ancient Inca ruins, experience never before seen footage of this gorge as it was viewed by the first river explorers to pass through the walls of the world's deepest canyon.
This 1 hour video has incredible footage of the relentless running of truly awsome white water.
Movies : Cotahusai River Canon in spectacular Peru Adventure.


Juneau is Alaska's Capital City, it is nestled in a spectacular wilderness of mountains rising from the sea, an icefield and glaciers in those mountains, an extraordinary population of whales and other marine mammals in the sea nearby, and offshore wilderness islands teeming with wildlife. It's the perfect for a launching point for explorations into the wilderness. The nearby Mendenhall River begins near the face of the Mendenhall Glacier -- one and one-half miles wide and 150 feet high. Here you can suit up with raingear, life jackets and rubber boots and begin the paddle across the lake. As you float down the river you'll encounter stretches of moderate rapids (Class II and III) and enjoy spectacular views of hanging glaciers, towering peaks, and glacial topography.
Movies : Juneau Alaska River Rafting Adventure



There are more then 100 islands surrounded by crystal clear waters best for snorkeling, diving and sailing. They can be accessed by public or longtail boats. Four national parks, tall limestone outcrops, caves, mangrove forests and hot springs invite you for a visit. Day trips are available to Phi Phi Islands, Koh Lanta, Trang and other islands.

Movies : Thailand Islands Adventure


Lake Titicaca is the highest navigable lake in the world and it straddles the border between Peru and Bolivia. It is here that the Quechua traditions meet those of the Aymara. On the Peruvian side of the lake, the main islands to visit are the floating reed islands of Uros, and the islands of Amantani and Taquile. Visiting the latter two islands is a highlight for many travellers, as the way of life on the islands is still very traditional, and there is the opportunity to stay with families overnight. The Uros Islands have been inhabited for many years by the Uros Indians who constantly lay down tortora reeds to keep the islands built up. They also use the reeds for homes and their boats.
Movies : Lake Titicaca Peru Bolivia Inca Adventure


Canoeing on the Zambezi : between Kariba and Kanyemba canoe Safaris and the Zambezi have remained the same, untouched by the world's developments. The flat meandering river is prime water on which to take part in an adventurous expedition of a lifetime - unattainable elsewhere on the planet!
Movies : Zambezi Africa : Kariba and Kanyemba Canoe Safaris Adventure


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