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WE ARE NOT TRAVEL AGENTS. Travel Consolidators and Wholesale Travel Brokers buy seats in bulk from the Airlines and 'blocks' of Hotel rooms and Cruises to top destinations. They then resell them at significant discount travel rates to the final customer Public or Travel Agents. Adventure travel vacation Brokers/Consolidators most commonly operate in international markets but are not limited.
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Get an extra [ 5-10% DISCOUNT ] when you make an ONLINE RESERVATION ONLY.
You may lose that rate if you call agents 1-800# before booking online.

We want to be your one stop vacation shop!

Are you tired of seeing the same Travel Aggregator Agents comparing the same Flights, Hotels, Car Rentals and Cruise vacations all the other travel sites sell? Have you noticed how many discount vacation websites keep playing price games when you look for a vacation package or pop up 5 different websites to compare the deals? Adventure Land Travel's Agents show you the lowest price from all combined. Guaranteed!

Our mission at Adventure Land Travel is to connect you with real Vacation Rental Owners, Hotels, Condos, Flights, Cruises, Resorts, and Companies that you can actually negotiate your own price. You'll get answers to your booking questions in real time, and find out what their lowest discount travel rates really are.

At Adventure Travel Vacations we believe you should be in total control of your travel destination whether it is local or international. Our goal is to provide you with destinations, photos, videos, travel tools/information, e-mail and phone#s you'll need to book your next vacation package with security and confidence. You'll be your own Discount Travel Agent in no time. Why?

When you make a holiday reservation we get a percentage from the people you negotiate with. It never comes out of your pocket. It’s that simple. Our Affiliates have the freedom to give you their best offers and you have the freedom to negotiate from their website. You also have the ability to create a vacation package the traditional way on our sponsered travel ads. Our tools and travel information are one of the largest travel resources on the internet. Don’t find out later that you paid too much for your vacation package or holiday rentals. Give us a chance to help you today. We know you’ll be happy with your personal results and you’ll know you got the best price ever.

Adventure Travel Vacation has hundreds of information pages, travel tools, maps, seating charts, weather, currency rates + ATM finders, overseas legal issues, and much more. We also offer unique shopping for all your travel and outdoor needs including national and international legal assistance, visas and travel insurance. Purchase or rent Real Estate Homes, Apartments, Villas, and Condos with furniture/furnishings. We provide a variety of accessories, clothing, shoes, luggage, travel videos, magazines, books, appliances, home air and water needs and electronic devices/batteries for your next holiday vacation or your own home.
We are the #1 travel information resource on the internet. All our travel tools are free!

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Explore our air adventures with ballooning, skydiving, base jumping, festivals and events. Build an adventure travel vacation package with biking, hiking, kayaking, camping, RV rentals, golf, subway trains, train travel, adventure cruises, sailing yachts, maps, spas and bus tours at our outdoor adventure travel pages. We provide the #1 ranked Expediton and Adventure Tour Companies in the world for young and old alike.

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Where will you sit on your next flight? Seat Maps.

Beaches and Beach Vacation Holidays
Get Holiday Rentals, Hotel Reservations, Flights, or Resorts. View the most popular beach vacations in the Bahamas, Aruba, Cancun, Mexico, Hawaii and beyond the South Pacific. Go to the Caribbean Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, Atlantic Ocean, and the Pacific Ocean and more.
Get discount travel deals with Panama Beach Holiday Rentals and more.

Overseas Travel World Information Expatriate Tools for U.S. Citizens Abroad


You'll find names, numbers, and addresses of Lawyers around the world!

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